Updates: 11/29/16 - 09:10 PM MST

ATTENTION: I am going to continue a portion of the sale through this Saturday.

All standard CD & DVDs are 30% off, all books are 10% off and downloads are 20% off.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the Grok - A Spineless Descent box set. This box set is limited to 25 units (currently half are spoken for). The official release date is 12/16/16. All pre-orders will be shipped at least one week before the release date. Pre-orders can be made in the "Package / special deals section". Images of box set below:

Out now:

Will Above All (Part One)
Paperback Book, 18 Pages
A brief introduction to the ideas of practical sorcery and the magic within the human experience.
Part one of an ongoing series.

E. - X-2 (CD & download) - An additional session from the Xanadu Annex recordings.
Minimalist, psychedelic, space ambient/drone.

E. - Xanadu Annex (CD & download) - over 30 minutes of new material.

Psychedelic ambient/drone partially created with sounds sourced from space.

Oaks of Bethel - Abraxas : Second Stone (3xCD & download) - 3 tracks, 3 CDs, over 2.5 hours of re-worked sessions from 2013. Brutal, yet blissfully mesmerizing black metal/drone. Buy the package version (in the package/special deals page) and save $6 off the standard price.

Aptrgangr - Atlakviða (CD, download & shirt) - over 20 minutes of new material. Lo-fi, bestial pagan black/death metal from Colorado.

Worship of Nuit - II: I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star (CD & download). New full-length release of Thelema inspired dark drone / black ambient.

Oaks of Bethel - A Ritual For The Consecration of the Temple of the Fire Tablet (CD, download & shirt)

Oaks of Bethel - Between The Infinities is an Infinite Cosmos (Second Tablet of...) (CD & download)

Njiijn - Field Recordings 12 (Audio download)


Other releases coming soon:

Bladecatcher - Stargate of the Ancients